Commitment Issues

It has been almost seven months since my first post.  I guess you can say I have commitment issues.  It is not that I don’t want to look at my life and work through these issues that wake me up in the middle of the night…I do want to, sort of.  It’s just that watching tv or scrolling through facebook is so much more fun and a lot less emotionally exhausting. Procrastination is one of my defense mechanisms, along with eating too many carbs, drinking too much caffeine and taking too many naps. My all time favorite word is eventually.  I like how it rolls off the tongue with such potential!

Part of the problem is my brain is not terribly focused.  I have about one hundred scathingly brilliant ideas each day, but before I get started on brilliant idea number one for the day, number two comes tumbling along to distract me.  Then three and four and so on and so on all the live long day.  Between earning a living, maintaining a minimally (ok, marginally) organized home, and trying to keep up with all these brilliant flashes of insight, is it any wonder that I never get around to facing my demons, much less writing on my self-help blog?

So for all the other adult children of alcoholics out there…I raise my steaming cup of coffee in salute to you and your numerous brilliant ideas that, like mine, have yet to see the light of day.  Keep dreaming.  Keep showing up for work each day.  Keep the faith.  Together we will figure this crazy old world out.  Today, let’s give ourselves a break.  The fact that you are alive and drinking coffee instead of whiskey is reason enough to be proud of yourself. The Corner of 24th and Crazy (or whatever you call your personal demon) can wait a while longer.  It’s not going anywhere. Trust me.

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