Where There Are Cupcakes

I, like many others, love Kid President.  I saw one of his quotes on Facebook today that made me smile.  Kid President always makes me smile.  The quote is this:

Human beings are capable of war and sadness and all sorts of terrible stuff, but also cupcakes.

I wish I could give everyone who has commented on my blog a big cupcake.  Opening myself  up like this has been good for me, but very scary.  I didn’t intend for very many people to see this when I first started. In fact, I went out of my way to only share it with a few close friends. In the huge world of the internet, only a handful of people have seen my blog, which is how I kind of want it.  Yet, I believe that God has shown it to those HE wanted to find it.  And HE will continue to lead people to it.

It is still my prayer that I can help others who are suffering from the shame associated with alcoholism, drug abuse, and basically any of the sadness and terrible stuff human beings are capable of.  The only way I can do that with my writing is to  put it out there for others to find.  BUT, this scares the bejeebers out of me.  Remember, adult children of alcoholics fear criticism of any kind!!!! I simultaneously loathe and love being invisible to other people.

When people stop to tell me they have read my blog, I immediately want to grab my invisibility cloak.  I wonder what they are really thinking of me.  Have I been too honest?  Are they thinking I need to learn to filter?  Are they embarrassed for me? Can you feel the shame oozing from my very pores as I write this post?  So why would I want to share a cupcake with you?

Everyone loves cupcakes!  Where there are cupcakes there is fellowship and smiles. There is an international language of cupcakes…. cupcakes equal love and acceptance.  So in offering you a metaphoric cupcake, I am offering you my fellowship in this sad and often terrible world.  Together let’s work through our weirdness and taste and see that the Lord is good.

Psalm 34

2 thoughts on “Where There Are Cupcakes

  1. Cindy says:

    Not sure you have a true scope of how far and wide your words are going to touch people. Do not PANIC ~ but my prediction is that there will be lots. In my head I hear your voice as I read your words. How cool is that? I shed tears as I read your stories, though the circumstances were different I have the same shame and the fear of disappointing people. And have come to realize I am who I am do to my raising . I read people very well. Some days I really do not like this characteristic. I purposely chose to not raise my kids near my family. Yes we would visit every year . I told myself there were battles I did not want to fight that would crop up as they grew. While true. … I have come to realize it was more ME too that did not want to be in same environment. I have come to realize one of my issues is being present in my LIFE each day . So I am learning to be intentional with my thoughts. This helps me focus and not get pulled into stuff. Do you ever feel like your family does not know the real you? I have these thoughts sometimes. We do and do for others and its expected. I feel like I am lost some days
    And that time is running out. Thank you for sharing. I hope I can encourage and help you move forward. God bless. With love. Cindy.


    • I just saw this Cindy. I want to say thank you for being an encourager! Yes, I feel like a stranger to my family and to myself most days. I am trying to get to know myself again with this blog.


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